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I hold a PhD in English Literature from McGill University. My dissertation, “Feminist poetics from écriture féminine to The Pink Guitar,”  developed a model of contagion and sympathy to describe experimental feminist and lesbian writing practices of the 1960s, 70s, and 80s. I explored writings by Chicana, Québécoise, Anglo-Canadian, Anglo-American, Vietnamese-American, and French women. While in Montreal I taught at McGill and Concordia.

I’m a faculty member at Douglas College. I teach introductions to academic writing, poetry, and literature and culture. Previously, I was a full-time sessional lecturer at UBC in Vancouver. In addition to teaching introductions to university writing, to poetry, and historical surveys of British literature, I have also offered courses on: “Virginia Woolf: Feminism, Pacifism, and the Response to War”; “Writing the Human Genome”; “‘A Woman’s Sentence’: Twentieth Century Experiments in Form”; “Poets and Other Monsters;” and “The Private Life of War.” You can find my faculty profile page at Douglas College here. This Winter term 2023 I’ll be teaching English 1130 (with the theme of “Climate Justice | Landback”) and English 1114 (“Reading Poetry”) at the Lam campus at Douglas College (in person). My dear future students: please see my course offerings page for more details on these courses.

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