Reviews + Essays on Poetry

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From time to time I write reviews of new poetry for ARC Poetry Magazine and PRISM OnlineI also write an essay on poetry now and then.

Reviews + Essays on Poetry

“Poetry & Resilience: Lung, Muscle, Archive, Beautiful Cell.” The Town Crier, for a blog series on ecopoetics, edited by Jesse Holth. 16 April 2020.

Sonnet Fever: A Review of Sonnet L’Abbé’s Sonnet’s Shakespeare. McLelland and Stewart, 2019. Forthcoming, Arc Poetry Magazine 91.

Ten Trillion Neutrinos Flow Through Your Body Every Second: A Review of Matthew Tierney’s Midday at the Super-Kamiokande. Toronto, Ontario: Coach House Books, 2018. Forthcoming, Arc Poetry Magazine. 

“Tell How It Really Happened.” A Review of Douglas Walbourne-Gough’s Crow Gulch (icehouse poetry, 2019). Prism Online, 19 December 2019.

An Anthropocene Poetics: A Review of Adam Dickinson’s Anatomic (Coach House Books, 2018). Arc Poetry Magazine 90. October 2019.

“What Can One Hand Do”? A Review of Elaine Woo’s Put Your Hand in Mine (Signature Editions, 2019). Forthcoming, Prism Online, October 2019.

Review of Jennifer Zilm, The Missing FieldLeague of Canadian Poets: Reviewing the Shortlist. 7 May 2019.

“Review of Dean Steadman’s Après Satie—For Two and Four Hands.” Arc Poetry Magazine, Winter 2018.

“Words Lodged in Muscle and Bone:  Lee Maracle’s Talking to the Diaspora.” Arc Poetry Magazine, January 2017.

“Poetry in the Courtroom.” Review of Sue Goyette’s The Brief Reincarnation of a GirlArc Poetry Magazine 80. 2016.

Review of Jesse Patrick Ferguson’s Mr. Sapiens. Arc Poetry Magazine. Fall 2015.

“How Poems Work: Pat Lowther’s ‘Hotline to the Gulf.’” Arc Poetry Magazine. Issue 77. Summer 2015.

“Kim Trainor presents Pat Lowther.” Part of Brick Books 40 Year Anniversary “Celebration of Canadian Poetry.” 6 April 2015.

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