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I’m a poet and instructor in the English Department at Douglas College. This blog is a series of posts I’ve written over the years on poetry and its relation to witness and making; lyric and DNA; opsis + melos; poets Philip Larkin to Pat Lowther; an Iron age horsewoman; Wyatt; miscellany. My most recent book, Ledi (Book*hug 2018) was a finalist for for the 2019 Raymond Souster award. I was longlisted for the 2019 CBC Poetry Prize for my poem “Desolation.” You can find some reviews of Ledi here and here. 🙂  You can also see my most recent interview, about “Paper Birch,” which won The Fiddlehead’s 2019 Ralph Gustafson prize for best poem.

My next book is Bluegrass, a sequence of short poems offering readings of the I Ching, or Book of Changes. Excerpts from this manuscript have been published by Qwerty and longlisted under the title “Sweetgum (7 readings of the I Ching)” for the 2018 CBC Poetry Prize. It will appear with Icehouse Press (Goose Lane Editions) in the not too distant future (~2022).

My current project has the working title, Tell me, where do we go from here? It consists of a series of poems on wildfire, the boreal, the polar vortex, the Blackmud, the Whitemud, Desolation Peak, Widgeon, Say Nuth Khaw Yum; followed by a long sequence called “Seeds” that documents organisms and human artefacts offering resilience in the face of climate change. One seed, “T, k’i, betula” has just been published by Otoliths magazine in their Southern Autumn edition, 2020. I also have a guest blog out on the subject of ecopoetics with The Town Crierblog for The Puritan magazine.

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