notes on summer ghazals

June 30, 2014 § 2 Comments

1. resist the urge to write couplets that connect one to the other

2. but total randomness doesn’t work either

3. give in to the urge to write couplets that connect one to the other

4. or at least, give in to the semiotic — rhythm, rhyme, recurring patterns of sound

5. someone told me yesterday there’s a boy in a cave in Spain, writing poetry

6. each couplet is a pair of nucleic acids, GC, AT: one completes the other

7. secular desire is encoded as sacred, and vice versa

8. once you begin, it is difficult to stop (bastard ghazal, north american ghazal, not really a ghazal, ghost). it is a serious addiction

9. anything might enter a ghazal, like the tiny wasp with copper wings that has landed on my knee, or everyone who comes to this park to smoke pot except me

10. this list has elements of a ghazal. this is not a ghazal


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